• Welcome To Hurricane Knights!

    Welcome To Hurricane Knights! If your trying to find a Club Penguin army that fits for you? Join Hurricane Knights Today! We Fight together, We Live together. We live in the same army. We are great, wonderful, awesome and a epic army. We will achieve our goals. We will keep fighting. Never Quit believing. We will appreciate if you joined HK.One day you will become a Hurricane Knights Legend. Enjoy Hurricane Knights!
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    Support Our Ally!

Back + New Leaders

Hello again. Sorry I wasn’t posting. I was on vacation! Anyway, I have found new active leaders! They Are





Welcome guys! Well, here are your new 3ic’s! Hope you guy’s will be active! Bye~



Under Construction!

Hey Guys! It’s Matt Here! I am waiting for some stuff  like are GFX. So Hurricane Knights Will be under construction! I will be looking for some leaders too. If you want to be leader you got to have:

  • Good Grammar (Spelling, Caps etc.)
  • Active Leaders
  • Making Posts
  • On Chat when they are on the computer!

I will find great leaders. So, Wait For the post about Under construction Done!


Our Motto

Ok I’ve decided our motto is “Never Give In, Never Back Down!” yeah that is our new motto! hope you enjoy it!

Welcome To Hurricane Knights!



Welcome To Hurricane Knights! This is a Awesome,Epic and Great Army. We Fight Together,Live Together and Stand Together.  Our color is Blue and Black. We will keep going. Keep Fighting. Keep Standing. We Will  Never Stop. Never Die. We have to think about a motto. So Here is the poll...


 So Welcome To Hurricane Knights!